Syria appreciates India for its support of “non-interference” and “political solution”

SyriaIndiaNew Delhi, December 9, 2015- The Bashar Al-Asad Government, battered by terrorist activities of I.S. and other groups for last several years, has appreciated Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s statement of rejecting the theory of “good” and “bad” terrorism. Damascus has also expressed thanks to Indian government and people for their principled support of “non-interference” of foreign powers in Syria and “political solution” for resolving the ongoing crisis in that country.

In an exclusive interview with Mohammad Ahmad Kazmi, Dr. Riad Kamel Abbas, the Ambassador of Syria to India, has said “I highly appreciate India’s stand of opposing external interference in Syria and asking for political solution” for resolving the present crisis. He also appreciated New Delhi’s position of honoring aspirations of Syrian people and extending support at international forums. “If every country adopts the same position, alike India, all problems in Syria will be resolved, he asserted.

Appreciating Indian people’s support to the rights of Syrian people, Dr. Abbas said that Syria is facing cross border terrorism, which is well understood by Indians. Since they know the pain of the menace Indian people fully support the Syrian people, he added.

Responding to a question about Iranian support to Damascus in the present crisis, Syrian Ambassador asserted that his government is proud of having strategic relations with Iran. “They are our brothers; always supporting us as we supported them in the past in the international arena”, the diplomat said. Tehran supports the rights of Syrian people as their foreign policy is straight without crisscross. They support the Arabs’ cause in occupied Palestine, Lebanese resistance against Israeli occupation as well as the rights of Syrian people in Golan Heights, which are occupied by Israel.

While deliberating his views about the post Iran’s nuclear agreement with P5+1 countries’ scenario, the Syrian ambassador said that any country in need of energy has to go to Iran, because Tehran will not sell energy with political pre-conditions. “For buying energy from Iran no country has to change her foreign policy” alike the past practice in the international market.

The Syrian ambassador was equally appreciative of the role played by Hassan Nasrallah lead Hezbollah of Lebanon for supporting Damascus in securing many areas from terrorists. He said “We highly appreciate the role of Hezbollah. He further said that the resistance group was earlier supported by Syrian government against Israeli occupation of south Lebanon. Similarly Damascus also supported Palestinian resistance group Hamas. But during the present crisis Hamas hit Syrian in the back while Hezbollah rightly supported Damascus, the diplomat said.

Clarifying more about Hezbollah, Dr. Abbas said that it is wrong to believe that Hezbollah is terrorist group. This is false propaganda of U.S. and Israel, he asserted. According to him, Hezbollah resist for the freedom of its own land and does not create problem for any country except Israel. But on the other hand, Al-Qaeda, IS and other such groups create problems in all countries except Israel. This is the major difference between the two ideologies, he added.

Answering a question about the elements behind recent terrorist attack in Paris, the Syrian diplomat said that the attacks were planned by those people who did not like the Iranian President Hasan Rouhani’s visit to Paris. Following the agreement reached between Iran and P5 plus Germany on Nuclear program, certain elements, in the international arena, are active to arrest the growing popularity of the government of Islamic Republic of Iran, he said.

Mohammad Ahmad Kazmi/RNI for BureaucracyIndia