‘Friends of India Group’ formation in Jordanian Parliament

FriendsOfIndiaIndian embassy in Jordon is upbeat! The efforts of Indian’s ambassador to Jordan – Anil Trigunayat – regarding establishment of Friends of India Group in the country’s Parliament have moved ahead. A similar group will be established in Indian Parliament on reciprocal basis. This was conveyed by Anil Trigunayat after meeting with Atef Tarawneh, Speaker of Jordan’s House of Representatives in Amman.

During the meeting, Indian Ambassador discussed Indo-Jordanian ties besides local issues related to terrorism and measures to fight them.

Trigunayat said that his country is seeking to strengthen and increase cooperation with Jordan in all fields, stressing the importance of exchanging expertise, visits, training courses and activating parliamentary friendship committees.

Trigunayat also praised Jordan’s democracy and the reforms implemented under the leadership of His Majesty King Abdullah II.

Other than bilateral relations between the two countries, Trigunayat and Tarawneh also discussed the latest developments in the region. Atef Tarawneh shared his concern regarding Palestine and said that the Zionist attacks at the holy sites were in contradiction with the international conventions andlaws and the peace treaty between Jordan and Israel, besides being in violation of the custodianship of the Hashemite over the holy sites in Jerusalem.  He also informed that His Majesty King Abdullah II’s efforts in pursuing the issue with various stakeholder parties resulted in the re-opening of the gates of Al-Aqsa Mosque, and alleviating tension there.

Tarawneh emphasized that terrorism has no religion and does not stop at the borders of any country, which makes it incumbent upon all countries in the world to fight it wherever it raises its head and to drain it of any sustenance.

Tarawneh also reviewed the burdens the Kingdom has been shouldering and the efforts it has been making under the leadership of His Majesty the King, in dealing with the turbulence in the region, especially the Syrian refugee crisis which has dramatically affected Jordan’s budget.

Tarawneh also urged the Indian ambassador to share his concern with the International community, including India, to assume its responsibilities towards the refugees to enable Jordan to continue playing its role, which it is doing on behalf of the world. He said the Kingdom has shown respect to the international law by opening its borders to receive refugees.

Trigunayat shared his views regarding the upsurge in terrorism; India too is one of the greatly affected countries. He referred to the need for the world to stand against terrorism and fight it.